Picturesque village terrorised by groups of youths

Rhuallt has had difficulties with anti-social behaviour
-Credit: (Image: Daily Post Wales)

For years, the picturesque village of Rhuallt in Denbighshire has been lauded as a rather wonderful place to call home. Nestled amidst breathtaking scenery and conveniently located near the A55, it strikes an ideal balance between bucolic charm and accessibility.

North Wales Live paid a visit to this typically tranquil Denbighshire community following reports of disruptive behaviour. Opinions among the locals were divided; some pointed fingers at unruly youths for the disturbances, while others acknowledged the lack of activities for teens in the vicinity.

Kath Easton, a local resident, referred to a troubling episode where a man's tyre was maliciously punctured. Another resident said: "I used to love Rhuallt - it's a beautiful location. I hate it now. I can't walk down the street without feeling intimidated or being jeered at or verbally abused by kids.

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"I used to go walking up the old Rhuallt Hill or down to the Fifth Wheel (company) but the gangs of kids congregate at the bus stop. I can smell what smells like weed and there are ends of joints on the ground. They throw things and call names to people."

"Some elderly residents are scared to go out after 3pm. These are people who walked in the area during Covid but they won't now. Or they will get in their car and drive somewhere else."

The former Rhuallt School is set to be used as a house although one local had hoped it could become a youth club
This former school may be turned into a house in Rhuallt -Credit:David Powell
There have been concerns about alleged anti-social behaviour in Rhuallt
There have been concerns about alleged anti-social behaviour in Rhuallt -Credit:David Powell

Residents have expressed their reluctance to report anti-social behaviour due to fears of retaliation. One local shared concerns about youths allegedly targeting vehicles with eggs and stones, as well as recklessly riding scooters on roads and pavements.

"I used to feel safe but I feel vulnerable now," a resident said, referring to the failure to convert the historic former Rhuallt School into a youth club, which is now destined to become a private residence.

There have been concerns about alleged anti-social behaviour in Rhuallt
There have been concerns about alleged anti-social behaviour in Rhuallt -Credit:Reach plc

"There's no youth club for them which is such a tragedy," they said. "It's such a shame because they sit around doing nothing."

Councillor Chris Evans highlighted the distress caused by anti-social activities in Rhuallt and the neighbouring Tremeirchion, insisting on an end to the disruption. North Wales Police have acknowledged only a single reported incident in Rhuallt, clarifying that it was an isolated case without any involvement of a knife.

The force has expressed a desire to collaborate with the community to enhance safety, a sentiment echoed by another resident who noticed a rise in police presence.