I have a piece of advice after trying new 'kissing pizza' plucked straight from Italy

As part of a menu overhaul, Riva Blu has welcomed a range of "authentic Italian street food" to Liverpool.

The restaurant is known for serving classic dishes but in an attempt to switch things up, they've gone hands-on with hefty new arrivals.

Familiar favourites such as arancini, frittatina carbonara and frittura di mare will appeal to Neapolitan street food fans but the most interesting arrival is the baciata, aka the "kissing pizza".

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The sandwiches call for two rounds of cooking. The first involves stacking and baking two pizzas made from biga dough, separated by a drizzle of olive oil. Once cooked to crispy, you’ll fill the middle of the kissing pizzas with a variety of ingredients. Riva Blu has eight options available including lighter veggie bites or massive meat-filled options that will leave you bloated - all of which come with a side of fries for no more than £10.50.

I decided to pop in on my lunch break to see how authentic these new arrivals are. Only a few months ago I was touring northern Italy so expectations were high considering I had genuine comparisons to pull from. However, if I had known their size beforehand, I'd have made it a dinner visit.

I ordered myself the caprese baciata - buffalo mozzarella, vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, oregano and basil pesto. I assumed it'd be your typical light snack to send you on your way but this was huge. The fillings were pouring out from the top or dripping with pesto. It looked every bit as delicious as it sounded but I wondered how to pick it up. Photos don't do it justice.

I refused to operate with a knife and fork given its street food nature so I wrapped the sandwich in its paper and went for it. The dough was thick and not at all dry given it was covered in flour. Admittedly, there's only so much you can do with the ingredients but they were all built just right with the correct amount of pesto and nothing too overbearing. The mozzarella was milky and elastic, coating the neighbouring ingredients just right without stealing the show.

The kissing sandwich boasts a unique title but it's nothing drastically different from what you're familiar with. It's essentially a gentrified calzone. It is, however, a beast to consume but one you'll have no issues attempting. Every bite was delicious and I couldn't help scouring the menu for what I'd like to try next time (the beef and pork meatballs in tomato sauce). There are vegetarian and vegan options available alongside deli meat baciata, pork belly and Italian sausage so it's definitely one to revisit.

It's a nice addition to an otherwise classic menu that forces you to pull up a seat with a knife and fork. Perfect for dining al fresco if the weather allows it. Just make sure you arrive on an empty stomach.

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