Pierre McGuire gets super creepy, talks about Jeff O'Neill’s girth (Video)

As you know, there’s a lot of time to kill during the NHL Free Agent Frenzy as the various television insiders wait for breaking news. TSN has become quite deft at filling that time, whether it’s with commentary panels or Olympic team projections or goofy quizzes administered by ringmaster James Duthie.

On Saturday, Duthie asked his panel a question: Which one of them would make the best model for an ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, like Joe Thornton and Brent Burns did?

The answers, as you can imagine, were cringe-tastic, as was the intent.

And then Pierre McGuire spoke about Jeff O’Neill’s girth, and things got about as creepy as a Todd Solondz film marathon.

Said McGuire:

“I’m going with my comrade, Jeff O’Neill. The biggest reason why? There’s so much to see. They couldn’t find a hockey stick big enough to protect the girth. So I think it’d be awesome.”

Be right back, going to find some bleach for our brains…

It’s not often you see Jeff O’Neill speechless, but in his defense it does take a while for the brain to process whether Pierre McGuire just called him fat or inferred that he’s hung like the CN Tower.

This has been another in an unending series of “Creepy Moments With Pierre McGuire.”

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