Piers Morgan accuses Susanna Reid of fat shaming him

We don’t often agree with Piers Morgan, but if this happened the other way round, he would have got into a lot of trouble.

Piers turned on his TV wife Susanna Reid earlier and accused her of ‘fat shaming’ his ‘double chin’ after his top button burst off live on air.

Piers has accused Susanna of fat shaming him. (ITV)
Piers has accused Susanna of fat shaming him. (ITV)

Susanna was treading on thin ice when she claimed his multiple “chins” had caused the top button on his shirt to pop off live on Good Morning Britain.

The 54-year-old presenter squealed he was being “fat shamed” by his co-host, 46, when his button shot into the air and hit news reader Charlotte Hawkins.

Eagle-eyed viewers also spotted the wardrobe malfunction and couldn’t resist making fun him.

@richardjacobs1 wrote: “Theresa May has clung on for now – but unfortunately not your top button!”

Piers laughed it off and joked that his tight-fitting collar was down to “too much jerk chicken over the weekend” but Susanna was quick to blame his chins.

To which Piers said: “I feel as though I’ve been body shamed by Susanna!”

“You’re always joking about your chins,” she hit back.

Luckily, Piers wasn’t really offended.



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