Piers Morgan angers Corrie's Nicola Thorp after heated discussion about sexism

Mike P Williams

Piers Morgan has angered Corrie star Nicola Thorp when she appeared on Good Morning Britain, after a heated discussion on sexism turned rowdy.

This morning’s show saw the actress, 29, on to talk about red carpet sexism with co-hosts Piers Morgan, 53, and Susanna Reid, 47, with former News of the World and The Sun deputy editor Neil Wallis.

Nicola Thorp puts Piers Morgan in his place on Good Morning Britain (REX)

‘Upskirting’ was an issue Thorp wanted to highlight as a particularly unpleasant in terms of objectification and sexism that happens in plain sight, and made a point of stating her disgust: I’ve ‘literally been targeted with a camera up my skirt and down my top,’ she said. to which Morgan replied: That, I think, is wrong.’

However, he soon turned on the guest by suggesting that if she wore revealing clothes then she was practically asking for the attention and, in turn, the sexism.

‘Of course that is wrong! But–‘ Thorp continued, prior to being cut off.

Piers interrupted her: But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with…’

An irate Nicola retorted over his insistence: ‘Piers, Piers, if you’re going to ask me a question let me finish it.’

The presenter said: ‘I’m allowed to get involved in the conversation!’

From left: Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, Nicola Thorp, Neil Wallis. (REX)

Morgan then went on to try to prove she was a hypocrite by suggesting she’s been looking ‘sexy’ with the intent to make fame and money out of it: ‘But you’ve profited from a lot of sexy pictures of yourself on the red carpet?’

But it seems the outspoken Morgan wasn’t finished, after he decided to tweet his thoughts after the show ended. He decided to share a red carpet photo of Thorp in an attempt brand her a hypocrite for complaining – to which many people blasted him for bullying her online.

‘Miss ‘STOP OBJECTIFYING ME ON RED CARPETS!’ he captioned it, while including her Twitter handle into the tweet.

During the GMB interview, Throp said: ‘I will happily have someone slag off my dress, slag off my acting, slag off my behaviour, slag off my ability to articulate myself, but I do not wish for women as a whole to be spoken about in that way – when men go on and wear anything other than a–‘ which was when Morgan interrupted her yet again to argue that men are objectified and ‘slagged off’ too.

‘The most bitchy people, actually, about awards ceremonies tend to be women,’ he replied.

To which Thorp reiterated how she ‘wasn’t attacking men’ – a comment that appeared to surprise the defensive Morgan.

Nicola Thorp and Neil Wallis on Good Morning Britain. (REX)

‘I’m attacking the sexism within the media – I’m not saying just men do it.’

When she suggests it’s also other women, Morgan then asked: ‘How can it be sexist?’

‘Of course it’s sexist,’ she informed him. ‘Yeah, women on women, of course it’s still sexist.’

Despite both men constantly shouting over her, Thorp managed to get her points across over their loud and almost constant droning.

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