Piers Morgan blasted by Good Morning Britain viewers over his attitude towards Invisible Box Challenge guest

Mike P Williams

Surprise, surprise, Piers Morgan has rubbed Good Morning Britain viewers up the wrong way again.

This time, the outspoken television presenter has ruffled the public’s feathers over the way he addressed Ariel Olivar, a Texas-based cheerleader on the show to talk about The Invisible Box Challenge (#InvisibleBoxChallenge).

For anyone not in-the-know, The Invisible Box Challenge is the latest internet craze whereby people, through the power of their leg strength and pure skill, look like they’re stepping over an invisible box.

Here’s a video to better explain it…

In awe, co-host Susanna Reid even asked Ariel, “How strong are your legs?”

But Piers, as usual, wasn’t having any of it.

“I mean, I do cross fit and cheer so I guess pretty strong,” the youngster replied, before Morgan butted in with, “What is the point of this other than making people look ridiculous?”

The atmosphere swiftly changed, as Ariel look visibly uncomfortable with the comment, before Susanna came to the rescue. “It’s a bit of fun Piers,” she intervened.

Piers Morgan is known for his inflammatory comments on GMB and social media. (Credit: ITV)

And, as she so often does, Susanna continued to hit back at Piers. “There’s no technique other than a very strong, powerful woman.”

The pair are known for their on-air spats and love-hate relationship, which makes them so interesting to watch.

Suffice to say Twitter wasn’t happy with Piers’ behaviour…

As usual, Morgan enjoyed the backlash, before moving swiftly on to talking about model and actor Emily Ratajkowski’s latest feminist video for Love magazine – which he wholeheartedly criticised.

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