Piers Morgan blasts Scottish politician for describing Sir Winston Churchill as a 'white supremacist mass murderer'

Piers Morgan has launched a furious TV rant at Scottish Green Party politician Ross Greer after he described Sir Winston Churchill as a “white supremacist and a mass murderer”.

Greer was invited to speak on Good Morning Britain after he sparked outrage on Twitter with his controversial comments about the wartime Prime Minister.

Disgusted by Greer’s comments, Morgan slated the Scottish politician as a “nasty, sneering young man” and said that “If it wasn’t for Winston Churchill you would be speaking German and goose-stepping your way to Holyrood.”

Piers Morgan was left furious by Ross Greer’s comments about Sir Winston Churchill
Piers Morgan was left furious by Ross Greer’s comments about Sir Winston Churchill

“I know he was a flawed character,” added Morgan. “But Winston Churchill single-handedly took this country out of the abyss. You are saying the man who saved us from the Nazis is actually no better than a Nazi himself.”

Greer described Morgans version of events as “wildly ahistorical” and accused the GMB host of getting into a tantrum before adding, “that’s very snowflake of you”.

Morgan’s co-host Susanna Reid argued: “I think the thing is, Ross, you seem to be articulating a completely isolated, unique version of history. Everybody celebrates Sir Winston Churchill.”

“No they don’t. If you go to India, Ireland or Kenya they absolutely don’t,” he hit back, claiming that Sir Winston Churchill was a complex character that we’re not allowed to speak ill of.

Reid replied: “You can be critical, but the way you’re speaking about him… ‘a white supremacist mass murderer’. And it’s the equivalence with Hitler, which I think people find really offensive. No one is denying that every historical figure should be scrutinised, but the use of language is so offensive.”

The politician’s original tweet generated thousands of angry responses, including several from Morgan who described him as a “thick ginger turd”.

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