Piers Morgan boasts Donald Trump got up especially to watch 'GMB'

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Donald Trump gave an exclusive interview to Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan (Credit: ITV)

Piers Morgan wished Donald Trump a “Good Morning” as he bragged the President had got up early especially to watch Good Morning Britain.

The TV presenter secured the only exclusive interview with the US President during his visit to the UK this week, quizzing him on subjects including climate change, Brexit and what he thought of Meghan Markle.

Morgan opened the ITV breakfast show on Wednesday morning by saying: “Good morning to Mr President and the First Lady. I got an email late last night asking what channel - we are ITV, Good Morning Britain - as the President had expressed an interest in watching the interview I conducted with him yesterday in Sir Winston Churchill’s famous war room... An extraordinary piece of history all around us.”

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The 72-year-old head of state - who flew in from America on Air Force One on Monday morning - famously favours Fox News when tuning in to his three TV screens from his bedroom in the White House.

Morgan gifted Trump a Churchill-style bowler hat during the interview with the initials ‘DJT’ on it, which the President promptly bent into the shape of a trilby hat.

Morgan and Trump have a history - with Trump crowning Morgan the winner of his reality TV show The Celebrity Apprentice back in 2008.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid host 'Good Morning Britain' on ITV (Credit: ITV)

There was a mixed reaction to Morgan’s interview with the President from viewers.

Some praised Morgan for his direct questions targeting important topics such as the NHS, gun and knife crime, LGBTQ rights during Pride month and why Trump had refused to meet Jeremy Corbyn.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “There’s no doubt that any @piersmorgan bashing this morning is just sour grapes - he’s without doubt one of the finest interviewers this country has ever had...he may have a head the size of the Trump balloon but he gets the scoops everyone else dreams of.”

Another added: “@piersmorgan’s demonstrating the possibility of a great interview without the turnoff gung-ho confrontation.”

But others viewers expressing their views on social media felt the 54-year-old former-tabloid-editor-turned-TV-presenter was somewhat sycophantic in his approach.

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One said: “What a boring interview, no hard hitting questions. Total brown nose job from Morgan.”