Piers Morgan tells those criticising Boris Johnson to ‘shut the f*** up’

File photo dated 22/05/18 of Piers Morgan, who accused Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan of "helping" Boris Johnson achieve a "landslide" after their calls for tactical voting appeared to have backfired.
Piers Morgan has leapt to Boris Johnson's defence as he battles COVID-19. (PA)

Piers Morgan has leapt to Boris Johnson’s defence as it emerged the prime minister has been admitted to an intensive care unit battling coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Good Morning Britain presenter – recently an outspoken critic of Johnson’s Conservative government – hit out at internet trolls verbally attacking the prime minister on social media while his life hangs in the balance.

Morgan tweeted: “If you have nothing positive to say about Boris Johnson on here tonight, then shut the f*** up. The man is our Prime Minister & he is fighting for his life.”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Morgan said: “‘To those people on social media – I saw this happen last night and I’ve seen this happen again today – who can’t find it in themselves to be positive for the Prime Minister, who want to abuse him, I think it has to be said if you’re of that mindset, just shut up.

“Nobody wants to hear this. Nobody wants to hear trolling against Boris Johnson. Just stop it.”

File photo dated 26/03/20 of Prime Minister Boris Johnson outside 10 Downing Street, London, joining in with a national applause for the NHS to show appreciation for all NHS workers who are helping to fight the Coronavirus.
Prime minister Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care on Monday. (PA)

He added: “Honestly, it’s against imagination that that should be your thought process. The man is fighting for his life.”

On Monday night, the PM was admitted to hospital with persistent symptoms of coronavirus.

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A Number 10 spokesman said: "Since Sunday evening, the prime minister has been under the care of doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London.

"Over the course of this afternoon, the condition of the prime minister has worsened. He has been moved to the intensive care unit at the hospital."

Morgan, 55, is known for his criticism of Johnson’s political decisions. He conducted a long-running campaign against the prime minister for not appearing on the ITV breakfast show to face questioning in the run up to the December 2019 general election.

The presenter has also accused the government of not enforcing the lockdown and taking other measures to prevent the spread of the virus soon enough.