Piers Morgan calls for Boris Johnson resignation over 'Downing Street party'

Piers Morgan has called for Boris Johnson to resign if party allegations are true. (Getty Images)
Piers Morgan has called for Boris Johnson to resign if party allegations are true. (Getty Images)

Piers Morgan has shared his outrage after Boris Johnson allegedly attended a party during lockdown, calling for him to resign if he was at the Downing Street event.

The broadcaster tweeted a link to a post about a leaked email showing Downing Street staff were invited by the prime minister's private secretary for drinks on 20 May 2020 when the country was in lockdown and an official announcement the same day had told the public they must stick to meeting in pairs only outdoors.

Morgan tweeted: "If @BorisJohnson attended this, he should resign."

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Morgan shared a photo of himself and his son socially distancing on the same day, writing: "On the day (May20, 2020) that ⁦ @BorisJohnson attended his No10 party where 100 people were invited to ‘bring a bottle’, I met my eldest son for first time in 2 months, & we stayed this far apart, without anyone else there, because that was BORIS JOHNSON’S BLOODY RULE."

He added: "We all have similar stories, some obviously deeply distressing involving sick and dying loved ones. Britain’s prime minister separated families for months on end, often in their darkest hours, but secretly ignored all those rules himself to party. Just outrageous hypocrisy."

Morgan posted further tweets about a clip from a Sky News interview in which the reporter asks Johnson whether he attends the party and he laughs while saying a "full investigation" will be carried out.

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He tweeted: "Prime minister @BorisJohnson - did you go to that illegal Downing Street party on May 20, 2020 after ordering the rest of us not to do anything like that or face arrest by the police? Yes or no? You don’t need an investigation to enable you to answer that simple question."

Sharing the Sky News clip, he added: "He’s laughing???! He finds this FUNNY?? People couldn’t be with their dying loved ones on HIS orders, while massive illegal parties were going on at Downing Street. And he’s sniggering like a naughty schoolboy when asked about it? Absolutely contemptible."

Johnson is expected to face questions about the gathering and his part in it at Prime Minister's Questions tomorrow.

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