Piers Morgan calls out and shames Kim Kardashian for topless photo

Mike P Williams
(Credit: PA)

Piers Morgan has reignited his war of words with Kim Kardashian (and women in general), after he slammed the reality TV star for her social media exploits.

The outspoken presenter, 52, hasmade inflammatory comments when she and Emily Ratajkowski, 26, posed topless in the name of feminism – a claim the former newspaper editor laughed off and berated.

So when Kim, 37, shared a collection of racy snaps on her Instagram and Twitter – including one in just underwear and posing topless – Piers couldn’t resist commenting.


He took to Twitter to have a pop at the other half of husband Kanye West, 40, who have three children together.

Naturally, this invited a host of commenters to also have their say – whether it was in support of his words or against them.

The tweets in the thread were varied, from ‘Thanks for sharing mate’, to ‘She knows how to make her children proud!!’, to ‘Fortunately he doesn’t get his out!!’

But the opinionated Good Morning Britain co-host wasn’t finished there.

He went to troll her Instagram account and leave a series of messages on her most recent images that, in his opinion, show off too much flesh.

Having not long spoken to US President Donald Trump in an ITV-aired chat, Piers began: ‘Very big news day yesterday obviously for reasons we all know. But right in the middle of it, it was really glad to know that some things never change.’

Further criticising her, he added: ‘When you become a mother again, things don’t change. You’ve become a mother again, you’re in your mid to late 30s, it’s your third child.’

(Credit: ITV)

He also commented: ‘I know what I’ll do, I’ll put a big topless photo of myself on social media.

 ‘We’ve covered them up, she’s basically got them and gone way look at me, me too.’

And in reference to the #TimesUp movement addressing and confronting the daily sexual assault and harassment women face, he took a swipe at her choice to leave little to the imagination: ‘Time should be up for Miss Kardashian. I don’t know what she adds to the movement really.

‘The only thing moving is her breasts. It’s reassuring isn’t it that some things never change,’ he ended.

When the Kardashian sister shared a nude mirror photo back in 2016, he was quick to slam the decision and made fun of her. ‘I know the old man’s $50 million in debt, Kim, but this is absurd. Want me to buy you some clothes?’ he quipped.


But Kim was quick to clap back to his uninvited comments: ‘Hey @PiersMorgan,’ she retorted, ‘never offer to buy a married woman clothes. That’s on some Ashley Madison type s**t. #forresearch’

After she then posed for a topless selfie with Emily, Piers claimed neither of them were feminist or could associate with feminism after showing off their bodies like that.

‘I saw Kim Kardashian flipping the bird doing a topless selfie to her millions of followers, many of whom are impressionable young girls –that can’t be a good example of feminism,’ he said on GMB.

And just like 2016, people are hitting out at him for attempting to shame her, as she expresses her own type of feminism. Suffice to say, Twitter wasn’t buying it.

(Credit: PA)

So far, neither Kim (or Emily for that matter) have responded to him, but no doubt they’ll be aware of his antics.

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