Piers Morgan crowned Villain of the Year before taking pop at Katie Hopkins

Piers Morgan may be on a break from presenting Good Morning Britain this week, but it hasn’t stopped him from making its headlines.

This week, the outspoken host and columnist ‘won’ (if it can be seen as an achievement) NME’s Villain of the Year Award.

Despite he and Susanna Reid being off on a break – with Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway standing in – Piers, 52, was still happy to make a televised appearance to ‘accept’ the award.


In a recorded message, the controversial host turned up on our screens to say a thank you of sorts.

‘I’ve just been told the fantastic news that I’ve been voted Villain of the Year by NME magazine and its readership,’ he began.

‘Apparently, I beat Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Jeremy Hunt, and somebody called Katie Hopkins – whoever that is.’

Katie Hopkins was allowed to leave South Africa after being ‘detained’, (PA)
Katie Hopkins was allowed to leave South Africa after being ‘detained’, (PA)

Hopkins has be engulfed in controversy and public anger when she visited South Africa to ‘expose’ the alleged ‘white genocide’ of farmers. During her time, she was photographed unconscious on a street, having been administered ketamine by paramedics. Upon returning to Britain, she claimed she had her passport confiscated and was detained in Johannesburg for ‘spreading racial hatred’, before being allowed to leave.

Piers being Piers managed to get some trademark sarcasm in there, too: ‘It’s obviously deeply flattering. I’m humbled. I don’t win many awards, so I’m really touched.’

“Thank you, NME. I didn’t get the actual award [trophy] because I’m here in Hollywood, not a place most of you or your readers will ever get to,” he said.


‘So instead I’ve been kindly sent this on Valentine’s Day, which is – I don’t know why they thought of me when they sent this, but it is a lovely gesture

He concluded by reassuring GMB viewers that he wasn’t as villainous as he’s made out to be, and ended the video by thanking everyone involved with the ‘win’.

‘Thanks again and to all Good Morning Britain viewers, don’t be put off by this.

‘You know the real me. You know that underneath this villainous exterior lies a little pussycat. A heart of gold.’

Piers often comes under fire for his polarising views and blunt ways he expresses them.

Recently, the star was mercilessly mocked after conducting an interview with current US president Donald Trump, where he was slammed for being too easy and fawning over the 45th president.

During Piers’ short GMB hiatus fans have also blasted stand-in Jeremy Kyle’s shouty nature and have pleaded for him to return, so it seems people can’t despise him that much.

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