Piers Morgan and Dan Walker are at war... again

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Sure as day follows night, breakfast host rivals Dan Walker and Piers Morgan can't help but have a pop at each other on Twitter.

And this time, just like several other times, it's about ratings.

Unsurprisingly, Piers Morgan (re)ignited the feud between Good Morning Britain and BBC Breakfast, after revealing the series' year-on-year ratings on Twitter.

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Although BBC Breakfast's ratings have declined since 2016 – and GMB's have climbed – the Beeb is still trumping ITV by a 17% audience share.

Responding to Piers' trite "Thanks Dan!", Dan Walker wasted no time in unpacking the stats. "In summary", he began, "ITV have spent a fortune.

"You advertise like there’s no tomorrow. You make it all about you while we are a team. The wonderful fella before me had done the job for 15 years...

"And we still get double your audience".

In a brilliant nod to one of Piers' grumpy Olympic medal tweets, Dan then added he'd be getting his rival presenter a "silver medal for Christmas".

Never mind a silver medal, would you like some ice for that burn, Piers?

Despite being mature adult men, this is actually Dan and Piers' second tiff this week. Just days ago, the two exchanged barbs when the BBC suffered a technical hiccup.

After BBC Breakfast was unexpectedly replaced by a black screen, Piers asked Dan: "Cut off for being too boring?", who wasted no time in reminding him: "Our black screen still had double your audience".

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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