Piers Morgan defends Lord Alan Sugar over ‘racist’ tweets: ‘He’s a twit not a racist’

Safeeyah Kazi
Defense: Morgan backed Sugar: Good Morning Britain/ ITV

Piers Morgan has defended Lord Alan Sugar over his 'racist' tweets, branding him a “twit not a racist.”

Business mogul Sugar landed himself in the centre of a racism row after comparing the Senegalese football team to street-seller in Marbella.

The 71-year-old initially claimed the tweet was a “joke” and that he was unaware why there had been such a strong reaction.

However, after an outcry, Sugar retracted the tweet and said he’d “in no way intended to cause offence.”

Lord Sugar later deleted the 'racist' tweet (Twitter)

Despite Sugar receiving a wave of criticism over the post, Good Morning Britain presenter Piers defended him against the allegation of racism.

He tweeted: “I’ve known @Lord_Sugar for 25 years. He can be a halfwit of biblical proportions, and prone to terrible ‘jokes’ as we saw today. But he’s not a racist.”

Grime artist Lethal Bizzle said that despite having “respect” for Sugar, he insisted that he should have known “better.”

The rapper wrote: “In 2018 just being a black person it’s hard to overcome certain barriers.

“I think of the challenges I faced and defeated to get myself into the position to challenge the stereotype… I just think that a man in such a powerful position should know better.

“It’s disappointing, because I respect this guy – he seems likes a people person – I just think he got this one terribly wrong.”