Piers Morgan describes gender fluidity as a 'farce' during heated debate

Chris Edwards

Piers Morgan described gender fluidity as a farce during a heated debate about transgenderism on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning (November 27). 

The debate came after the news that a school in Brighton has 76 children who identify as transgender.

Speaking to model and LGBTQ+ activist Munroe Bergdorf, Morgan said: “Where does this end? Do we end up with literally nobody in the future identifying as male and female?”

To which Bergdorf replied: “Maybe.”

“Why would you be happy with that?” Piers asked.

“Some people are trans and that’s the fact,” Bergdorf replied.

But Morgan struggled to believe that 76 children in one school can genuinely be transgender, arguing that they’re having their minds turned by a ‘fad’. 

Piers Morgan asks Munroe Bergdorf if she genuinely believes 76 children in one school are transgender

“Is it possible that they’ve all latched on to a fad that is getting more and more attention, and basically having their minds turned to gender fluidity?” he asked.

Morgan insisted that he supports the ethos of genuine transgenderism, but Bergdorf argued that he doesn’t. 

She said: “But you bring gender non-binary people onto your show and berate them.”

Morgan replied: “I challenge them about gender fluidity. Gender fluidity to me, I think it’s a farce.”

Bergdorf said: “That’s your own bigoted opinion.”

Munroe Bergdorf calls Piers Morgan bigoted

Morgan hit back: “I don’t think it’s bigoted. If people decide one day they’re male, one day they’re female, next day back to male, I think it’s ridiculous.”

“That’s because you’re a cis straight man,” argued Bergdorf. 

Stephanie Davies-Aria from Transgender Trend later argued that children are being treated with an ‘adult political ideology’ by being allowed to transition whilst they are still at school.

“I think we’re doing the opposite of allowing children to express their true identity by medicating any form of gender non-conformity,” she said.

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