Piers Morgan didn't like Sue Perkins' 'sexist' jokes at the BAFTA TV Awards

Piers tweeted a series of opinions during the BAFTA TV awards. (PA)
Piers tweeted a series of opinions during the BAFTA TV awards. (PA)

Piers Morgan blasted BAFTA TV host Sue Perkins during last night’s show for what he branded ‘sexist’ jokes.

Morgan, 52, tweeted a series of outraged comments to his 6.5 million followers, declaring the show’s host ‘crude’ and ‘sexist’.

Perkins, ruffled the Good Morning Britain host’s feather by making a joke about him within minutes of the programme starting.

‘Turns out tonight I’m having to work alongside a massive organ, now I know how Susanna Reid feels on Good Morning Britain,’ she said, receiving a laugh from the audience in attendance.

In a series of tweets slamming the comedienne host for the evening, branding her a sexist hypocrite, he hit back by talking about the size of her bottom and generally attacking her throughout the evening.

He began by making fun at the size of her ‘derriere’, hoping for a reaction from his followers.

After his attempt to body-shame, Morgan used the ‘imagine if a man had said this’ point of view, in order to rouse a response and gain support.

Shortly after that, he attempted to justify Perkins’ opening joke that compared him to something, by attacking her looks – but according to him it was all in the name of ‘gender equality.’

But the former newspaper editor wasn’t done there. He continued with the ‘imagine if a man…’ offended angle when the host dared to mention (and make a joke about) her breasts.

And in light of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, the Daily Mail columnist simply couldn’t get his head around why a woman would say these types of things if a man couldn’t.

The GMB presenter was, as he often is, met with a mixture of support and ridicule for his views.

Elsewhere, David Attenborough mad a rousing speech as he and his documentary team accepted an award for Blue Planet 2’s Must-See Moment, with Britain’s Got Talent and Love Island picking up gongs for Best Entertainment Programme and Reality and Constructed Factual awards, respectively.

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