Piers Morgan slams prospect of a female Bond, saying: 'Back off our 007'

Piers Morgan is a big fan of Bond. (Getty)
Piers Morgan is a big fan of Bond. (Getty)

Piers Morgan has said that if James Bond is played by a female he will campaign to have Wonder Woman be a man.

The presenter – who has often been outspoken about “woke” culture – said he’s a big fan of 007 and doesn’t want to see him played by a woman, which has been talked about since Daniel Craig announced he was stepping down from the role.

Morgan, 56, waded in after Keir Starmer was quoted as saying that it was time for a female to play the spy.

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Writing in the Daily Mail, Morgan said that “with a chilling inevitability, the wokies have now come for 007, and they present a more lethal threat to him than Oddjob, Goldfinger or Jaws ever did”.

The former Good Morning Britain star said there would be “howls of outrage” if the next Wonder Woman movie was suddenly announced as Wonder Man.

He went on to say that it would be “utterly preposterous” to have Wonder Man replace Wonder Woman, "just as it would be to utterly preposterous to see James Bond turned into Jane Bond".

“So back off our 007,” he said.

“He's virtually the last real man standing in a Hollywood neutered by the emasculating cult of illiberal liberal fascists – and I'll fight until the last drop of my blood to save him from the woke wastrels.”

Daniel Craig arriving at the No Time To Die World Premiere, the Royal Albert Hall, London. Credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS
Daniel Craig has played 007 for the last time. (Doug Peters/EMPICS)

Morgan has spoken out against “woke culture” on many occasions.

Earlier this year he claimed that “woke imbeciles" were destroying the world after it was announced that the Mr Potato Head brand would lose the "Mr" in a gender neutral makeover.

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Sharing a picture of the toy on Twitter, he fumed at the time: “Who was actually offended by Mr Potato Head being male? I want names.

“These woke imbeciles are destroying the world.”

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