Piers Morgan labelled 'fat' by model from Miley Cyrus music video in obesity row

Chris Edwards
Angelina Duplisea (ITV)

Piers Morgan has been labelled “fat” and told to quit television in a heated debate about obesity with Angelina Duplisea, a plus-size model who features in Miley Cyrus’ new music video for Mother’s Daughter.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Duplisea reacted angrily after Morgan claimed that Cyrus’ new music video was celebrating unhealthy body images.

“Fat people exist, there is no question about that’ she said. “Seeing fat people on TV doesn’t encourage people to get fat. Literally no one has ever seen a fat person and said, ‘I want to look like that’.”

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Morgan frustratedly hit back: “When you are that level of morbid obesity, statistically, is it right to put people like yourself, who are that kind of weight, into a pop video, celebrating that kind of weight?

Duplisea then replied: “If you were really concerned about people being obese and representing something bad, you would take yourself off the air because you’re not exactly slim yourself.

Referring to his Body Mass Index (BMI), Morgan insisted his weight was healthy, saying: “I’m 220lbs and 6ft1, you’re 5ft4 and 380lbs. There is a difference, I’m not actually morbidly obese. I’m actually reasonably healthy. I’m reasonably fit.”

“You’re still fat too,” Duplisea shouted in response. “You’re still fat too, you being less fat than me.”

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Piers Morgan hit back by saying his weight is reasonably healthy (ITV)

“Most viewers are looking at this, they’re not seeing me as morbidly obese,’ he replied. ‘You’re perfectly entitled to throw the jabs at me,” he replied.

When the presented pointed out that he wasn’t the one in Miley Cyrus’ video, Duplisea angrily hit back: “You’re on TV! You’re on TV every day. I think if you were really concerned about glorifying obesity, you would take yourself off the air.”

Morgan went on to reiterate that he feels there is a growing trend of glamourising obesity, but he also expressed the same concern for size zero models, describing the two body types as unhealthy.

He finished by telling Duplisea: “I would like to be a little bit healthier, a little bit slimmer, but there is a difference between me and you.”

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