Piers Morgan left 'speechless' by gender neutral child-raising debate

Laura Hannam

Piers Morgan was on a roll this morning. Shortly after declaring billionaire Kylie Jenner was ‘dim’ and ‘not that good-looking’, he was left ‘speechless’ after a guest introduced the term ‘childist.’

Morgan was debating raising children gender neutral with American guest Ari Dennis, who identifies as non-binary, who said they have raised their 8-year-old child, Hazel, with a ‘binary profile.’

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Ari explained that Hazel chose to be identified as ‘they’ up until the age of three-and-a-half.

“They were using their birth name until around three-and-a-half. And then we had about six months of trying on different names, before settling on it,” Ari said.

Morgan said he was ‘confused’ by Ari’s explanations.

“Everyone who has had kids is going, ‘What?’

Ari joined Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Wednesday’s GMB. (ITV)

“Kids will come up with all sorts of nonsense at that age. You say you offer structure, what could be more of a structure than actually saying to your child, ‘This is your name, and that’s your name? If, when you get to be an adult and want to change your name, then you become your own adult, your own responsibility, you take your own decisions’,” Morgan said.

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Dennis accused Morgan of being ‘childist,’ which the GMB host said he had never heard of before.

“Childism is the normalisation of the mistreatment of children, just because they’re young, assuming they can’t have opinions or ideas. Obviously they need guidance and structure, but mistreating them or treating them like property, or denying their identity and autonomy,” Ari claimed.

Ari Dennis is raising her child as gender neutral. [Photo: ITV]

“I’ve heard just about every ‘ism’ imaginable. I’ve been accused of every ‘ism’, and I’m struggling with this new world of ‘isms,’ Morgan replied.

“If a three-year-old child decides, ‘I’m no longer a boy or girl, I’m no longer going to be called Bob, I want to be called Doris,’ and I object and say no, then I’m guilty of childism?” he added.

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“Potentially,” Ari said, before the guest was suddenly cut off.

Morgan said he was left “speechless” by Ari’s claims, which in a rather self-aware moment, admitted is a rare occurrence.

“Not much leaves me speechless, that interview has left me completely and utterly speechless,” Morgan said.