Piers Morgan: Presenting Good Morning Britain is 'killing me'

Piers Morgan has admitted that he won’t present Good Morning Britain for ‘much longer’ because the daily news and entertainment show is slowly ‘killing him’.

Piers Morgan says his days are numbered presenting morning television (Photo:Rex)

The 48-year-old TV star has hogged headlines since he took to the ITV sofa in 2014, and regularly enjoys getting into a war of words through the show, with some of the biggest celebrity names out there.

He’s charged into spats with the likes of Ewan Mcgregor, Jeremy Clarkson, Charlotte Church, Chrissy Tiegen, J.K. Rowling and more recently, Amber Rose.

But it seems the constant battles are taking their toll.

Susanna hosts Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan.

Speaking to the Mirror, Piers said he makes sure he gets an early night – often hitting the sack before 9pm – but often struggles to sleep and feels awful as he heads into work to be on air for 6.30am.

He said: “I woke up at 1am, 2am, and then 3am I got up and watched TV, so you basically become a complete zombie.

Piers Morgan slammed Ariana Grande for flying home after 22 people were killed at her concert, but took back his comments earlier this month. (Credit: Rex/Instagram)

“I bumped into Sophie Raworth at the Chelsea Flower Show and she did it for two years on BBC Breakfast with Jeremy Bowen and she told me he actually thought he was dying.

He had all these tests, and he thought he had cancer. It turned out it was just getting up at 3.30 in the morning.

Corbyn appeared on Good Morning Britain hours before May called a snap election.

“The moment he stopped doing the show, the pain went away.

“Literally, it was killing him.”

Piers has three sons with his ex-wife Marion Shalloe and a five-year-old daughter with his current wife Celia Walden.

“My wife has no sympathy because she’s been up three times a night for the entire duration of our five year old daughter’s life, so I’m aware people have to get up for work early and do night shifts and so on,” he added.

Graham Norton told Piers Morgan to grow up after his spat with Ewan McGregor (Photo: WENN)

And he says his relentless schedule is detrimental to his health.

He added: “It’s killing me before my very eyes. It’s the least healthy existence imaginable.

“Your immune system gets crushed, you pick up every bug going, I’ve basically been ill for the entire 18 months in some form.

The pair are often at loggerheads.

“You have about 18 breakfasts before midday, so everything is terrible about it except the show itself.”

However, he hasn’t set a date as to when he’ll resign but joked he’ll be at the helm of GMB until “he dies”.

He said: “I’ll stay ’til death. If I die, it won’t continue much longer.

“it never gets easier, it just gets worse. Every day is a new horror.


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