Piers Morgan promotes ‘unmissable’ interview with Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen

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Piers Morgan has announced he will interview the spokesman for the Taliban on Talk TV.

Posting to Twitter on Tuesday 10 May, the controversial broadcaster revealed that he had sat down and spoken with Dr Suhail Shaheen.

“TONIGHT... EXCLUSIVE… I will interview the official Taliban spokesman,” Morgan wrote on Twitter.

The series, titled Uncensored, branded the conversation“unmissable” in a poster promoting the segment.

Morgan’s interview with Shaheen will be broadcast on the 10 May episode on TalkTV.

Shaheen has appeared on other UK programmes in the past, including Good Morning Britain.

He is the former editor of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s state-owned nespwaper The Kabul Times, a position he held from 1996 to 2001.

He was then appointed to Afghanistan’s Embassy in Pakistan as a deputy ambassador.

Morgan’s previous guests have included Donald Trump, Sharon Osbourne and Succession actor Brian Cox.

On Sunday (11 May), Steve Coogan, in character as Alan Partridge, made a joke at the expense of Uncensored’s low viewing figures at the Bafta TV Awards.

Coogan’s joke came in the wake of Morgan’s viewing rating slumping just days afterthe series launched.

Here’s what we discovered after watching Talk TV, which comes from Rupert Murdoch, for one week.

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