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Piers Morgan responds to claims that a guest was censored on his talk show Uncensored

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Piers Morgan has responded to claims from a guest on his show Uncensored that she was instructed by producers not to speak about certain topics.

On the list of alleged subjects to avoid was Morgan’s “vindictive obsession” with Meghan Markle, according to comedian and political activist Kate Smurthwaite.

Earlier this week, Smurthwaite appeared on Morgan’s newly launched talk show during which they spoke about the Duchess of Sussex.

After her segment on Piers Morgan Uncensored aired, however, Smurthwaite claimed that she had been told by producers not to bring up a few subjects.

On Thursday night (26 May), she tweeted to say that a producer “told me at least three things NOT to say on air”.

Morgan responded promptly: “I just checked and nobody tried to censor you – we don’t censor guests, that’s the point of the show.”

“Yes I was,” Smurthwaite replied. “Great, have me on again and I’ll say all the things I was told not to say.”

In a follow-up column for The Mirror published on Friday (27 May), the political activist claimed that the producers asked her “not to mention a couple of the things I had said in our earlier conversation”.


“A remarkable request for a show that is literally called Uncensored,” she said.

Smurthwaite continued: “They didn’t want me to get ‘too personal’ with Morgan. They didn’t want me criticising or seeking to explain his ‘vindictive obsession’ with [Meghan Markle].

“The main thing they didn’t want me to say was: ‘You know that no matter how many hours you spend slagging her off, she’s still not going to shag you?’. True. Funny. Insightful. What’s not to love?”

She went on to criticise Morgan’s “nasty attitude towards some celebrities” as well as “the way that the right wing media will cry censorship when it suits them and participate in the exact same thing when it doesn’t”.

The Independent has contacted Talk TV for comment.

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