Piers Morgan says Meghan and Harry ‘deliberately spun’ ‘ludicrous’ racism claims against Kate, Charles

Piers Morgan says Meghan and Harry ‘deliberately spun’ ‘ludicrous’ racism claims against Kate, Charles

It’s the king of all scandals.

Piers Morgan believes he’s helped extinguish the flames of controversy that nearly engulfed the royal family after revealing that King Charles III and Catherine, Princess of Wales, née Kate Middleton, allegedly made racist remarks in regards to Prince Archie’s skin color.

“When I found out who the names were, I laughed out loud,” Post columnist Morgan, 58, told The Post. “I decided, we’re going to have this [conversation] in public.”

“I’m going to name them and we’re going to see what happens.”

The unblushing “Piers Morgan Uncensored” host amassed over 9 million social media views on a November 2023 clip exposing the claim that His Highness, 75, and Middleton, 42, raised concerns about the potential darkness of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son ahead of the tot’s May 2019 birth.

The explosive accusation against the executive royals — now virally referred to as “the royal naming scandal” — was originally inked in the Dutch version of Omid Scobie’s “Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival,” which hit shelves in August 2023.

Copies of the tome that featured the allegation have reportedly been pulled off shelves in Holland owing to the printing “error.”

The royal family has yet to publicly respond to the allegations of racism.

However, sources close to Middleton, who’s currently recovering from an abdominal surgery, say she’s “saddened” that her name has been attached to the chaos.

Morgan firmly doubts the validity of the charge.

“The idea that King Charles, after all his work for the Commonwealth, running one of the most multicultural, tolerant countries on planet Earth by any metric, the United Kingdom, or that Kate Middleton — the idea that [they] would have been racist,” he told The Post. “It was so ludicrous, so offensive, so, in my view, untrue.”

The intrepid pundit went on to chide Prince Harry, 39, and Markle, 42, for initially insinuating that the royals are racist during the pair’s March 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“Meghan and Harry had gone on Oprah Winfrey, made a series of unsubstantiated allegations, including this incendiary claim that members of the royal family had expressed concern about Archie’s potential skin color,” said Morgan. “This was the suggestion that their concerns [were expressed with] negative intonation.”

“This caused a huge two-year cycle of headlines against the royal family, [that] they were a bunch of racists,” he added — noting that Prince Harry has since denied suggesting that his family is intolerant. The “Spare” scribe has blamed the British press for igniting a firestorm against his bloodline.

“I didn’t believe it,” Morgan continued of the imputations of the Throne’s prejudice.

“And as I predicted to my team,” he said, “it got huge attention and it disappeared as fast as it started once people knew [that King Charles and Middleton were the royals being accused of making the racist remarks] because nobody else believed it either.”

Representatives for Prince Harry and Markle did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

His staunch skepticism notwithstanding, Morgan conceded that it’s possible the royals privately speculated about the baby’s complexion. However, he doubts their suppositions boasted bigoted undertones.

“I don’t think it’s remotely racist,” he said. “Unless it’s expressed in a tone, as was inferred on Oprah in a negative context i.e.‘The darker the child’s skin color, the more of a problem it would be,’ and I do not believe that happened.”

“I think that was deliberately spun that way by Meghan Markle with Harry’s help,” continued the royal loyal — who hopes to one day face off with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“I’d ask one question,” he began. “If you hate the royal family that much and you hate the monarchy that much, and you felt so trapped by the institution, why do you insist on keeping your royal titles?”

The couple relinquished their royal roles in Buckingham Palace to relocate to Montecito, Calif., in 2020. The move ultimately prompted the loss of Prince Harry’s “His Royal Highness” status. However, he and Markle have been permitted to retain respective Sussex titles.

“Why do you insist on using them for business?” Morgan continued to question of the twosome. “Why do you insist on your children having the royal titles? Why sentence them to the terrible dungeon that you found yourselves in at the behest of the Royal family? So much hypocrisy.”

He, too, lambasted the duo for reportedly claiming that the late Queen Elizabeth II gave them her blessing to name their daughter Lilibet — Her Majesty’s childhood nickname.

The controversy surrounding the two-year-old’s moniker spurred following the January 2024 release of royal expert Robert Hardman’s tome, “Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story.” Per the bombshell page-turner, the Queen was “infuriated” by the assertion that she’d approved the toddler’s name.

Morgan posits that Prince Harry and Markle are motivated by moolah.

“They’ve lined their pockets with hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars selling every detail of the private lives of themselves and their families are trashing their families left, right, and center for vast amounts of money,” he said. “But kept their royal titles because without those, they don’t make any money.”

Insiders connected to the royal family claim the Sussexes could “lose millions” if they were ever stripped of their dignified designations.

“I think it’s rank hypocrisy,” raved Morgan. “Go off and make money out of being Meghan and Harry.”

“Good luck to you, but see how you get on when you’re not royals anymore.”