Piers Morgan slams Lily Allen and Charlotte Church after he orders Muslims to 'do more'

Piers Morgan has hit back at Charlotte Church and Lily Allen on Twitter after they accused the presenter of bullying the Muslim community following the bombing at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Piers wrote on Twitter that Muslims are not doing enough to root out individuals who have turned on western society after a segment on ‘Good Morning Britain’ discussed the modern dilemna facing Britain; fighting radicalism.

He also ordered his 5.7 million followers to ‘urgently’ encourage their Muslim friends to do more about radicalism.

But many of his followers didn’t agree with him, with one saying: “How is this possible Piers? The Police and Mi5 can’t root out extremists but me with a full time job is meant to track people down?”

Child star and political activist Charlotte compared his logic to saying that men should root out rapists.

Piers seemingly didn’t have the energy to engage with common sense and called Charlotte “ignorant” instead.

Church then replied: “I wasn’t trying to score points, Piers has a surprising amount of power over what people hear/think.

“I was trying to show how unfair….And unbalanced his comments were. All of us want to find a way for these attacks to stop.”

He then took aim at Lily, after she advised her fans to ignore his remarks

She wrote: “Please ignore Piers, Hopkins, they thrive on hate. Profit even. Don’t engage.”

Piers unleashed his wrath on the ‘Smile’ singer, labelling her a ‘deluded clown’.

It’s such a shame that Piers has managed to turn the horrifying events of Monday night into a mud slinging match.


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