Piers Morgan sparks fury by saying Brexit 'won't be as grim as the two world wars'

Nick Charity
File photo: TV Presenter Piers Morgan: PA Archive/PA Images

TV Presenter Piers Morgan has been slammed online for saying Brexit "won't be as bad as the two World Wars".

The Good Morning Britain host responded to a surge in speculation that Britain is headed for a soft exit from the European Union.

It follows an announcement from Down Street that the UK and EU have struck a draft deal in their negotiations.

Some Twitter users responded with fury to the television host's comments, which he made only a few days after Britain commemorated the centenary of the end of World War One.

He attracted criticism for the post from dozens of users, including former Radio 5 Live presenter Richard Bacon, who sarcastically said: "I can't tell you how excited I am that Brexit won't be as bad as D Day", responding to the comments

"I’m sure you’ll survive Brexit just fine in your Los Angeles home mate, relax," Morgan responded.

In another tweet, Morgan qualified his comments, saying: "I voted Remain and would again. But we sorely need some perspective."

A flurry of messages called on Brexiteers to put the phrase on the side of a bus - referencing Boris Johnson's Vote Leave campaign coach which was emblazoned with the words: "We send £350m to the EU every year. Let's fund our NHS instead".

The assertion that the money could actually be freed up for the NHS was later reported to be false.

Some commenters draw upon the history of the EU's founding, in part to prevent a third world war.

While others agreed it was probably the most honest argument in favour of Brexit they could think of.