Piers Morgan terrified during chat with female 'psycho' killers for new series

‘Killer Women with Piers Morgan’ kicks off on Thursday at 9pm on ITV1 and sees the confident journalist come face to face with locked up “psychos” during a series of interviews, but Piers has described the experience as “terrifying”.

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The ‘Good Morning Britain’ host – who recently admitted his job is slowly ‘killing him’ – said he was left genuinely frightended in the presence of women like murderer Sheila Davalloo, even though he was surrounded by bodyguards during their interview for his new series.

Sheila has been sentenced to 75 years in prison for the murder of her husband and Piers confessed he felt intimidated by the convict. Now there’s a first.

Speaking to Mirror TV, Piers said: “Sometime it’s terrifying. Some of them are total psychos.

Piers with Sheila (ITV)

“This one woman – they claim she tried to kill her first husband by gassing him and he lived, she then has an affair, gets remarried, decides she needs to be with this guy, goes to get rid of his girlfriend, stalks the girlfriend, breaks in, savagely knifes her to death repeatedly, then covers all her tracks.

“The husband starts to get on to this and thinks something’s a bit weird, so she plans a sex game, blindfolds him and they touch each other with objects, he’s using an iron or something, she uses a nine inch knife, and she stabs him in the heart.

“She then claims it’s a mistake, drives him to hospital, takes the knife out of the bag and stabs him again, because he’s not dead, so she’s an absolute psycho.

Piers and Rebecca, who denies her crime (ITV)

“And you can tell, because when she gets brought in, there are three armed guards around her who sat in on the interview and I’ve never had that, so i thought, ‘this is Hannibal Lecter time, one false move and I’m to the railings’.

“It’s tricky, very intimidating but strange because she seems so normal.”

Elsewhere in the series, he sits down for a chat with Rebecca Fenton, who denied killing her husband Larry after he was found with multiple gun shot wounds in a pool of his own blood at home.

Piers commented: “I suspect she’s the best liar I’ve ever met in my life and I’ve met politicians, celebs and all the rest of it.

Amber Wright murdered her ex-boyfriend and burned his body (ITV)

“She’s so convincing, as she said, she had it all, a wealthy husband, a nice social life, why would she do this?”

Another shocking moment in the new series of ‘Killer Women With Piers Morgan’ is the presenter’s chat with father of 15-year-old Seath Jackson who was murdered by fellow teenager Amber Wright, and the grieving father says how he would like to ‘slowly torture’ Amber, pictured above.

Piers says back: “And I completely related to him”.


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