Piers Morgan tweets Metropolitan Police after Jameela Jamil 'shamefully misgenders' him

Emma Powell

Piers Morgan has involved the Metropolitan Police in his spat with Jameela Jamil after claiming she misgendered him.

Jamil branded the Good Morning Britain presenter a “s*** stain” after he criticised Sam Smith for revealing he is non-binary.

The actress referred to Morgan as a “thing” to which he replied: “‘This thing’. Wow. On every level that is a shameful mis-gendering. Cc @metpoliceuk.”

The pair have been feuding on Twitter all week after Morgan joked that he will now identify as Smith in a bid to claim royalties after the singer said he neither identifies as male or female.

Speaking on her Instagram project I Weigh, Smith said: “You are just you. You are a mixture of all different things. You’re your own special creation. That’s how I take it.

“I’m not male or female, I think I float somewhere in between. It’s all on a spectrum. I think the same with sexuality.”

Addressing the comments on Good Morning Britain, Morgan said: “I’m now identifying as Sam Smith so I can get his royalties. It works both ways.”

Jamil accused Morgan of spewing “constant toxic ideas of ‘masculinity’” to which Morgan replied: “Appalling that you just assume I am identifying as male tonight.”

Jamil went on to brand him a “giant pile of w***” and refer to him as “hun”.

Heated spat: Jameela Jamil is feuding with Piers Morgan (Getty Images)

Morgan slammed her “disgusting foul-mouthed abuse” before accusing her of committing a criminal offence, tweeting: “Don’t call me ‘hun’. I identify as male, but ‘hun’ normally applies to a female (‘honey’) which means you are mockingly mis-gendering me & that’s now apparently a criminal offence in Britain.

“Unless you meant ‘hun’ as a derogatory term for Germans in which case you’re a racist.”

Jamil replied: “LOL. He thinks ‘honey’ can only be used about females. How do we send this thing back in a time machine to the era in which it belongs...?”