Piers Morgan tweets Tess Holliday over obesity-cancer link after she accused him of being ‘obsessed’ with her

Safeeyah Kazi
Fiery: Morgan slammed the model: ITV

Piers Morgan has bashed plus-size Cosmopolitan cover girl Tess Holliday over her body weight, continuing their feud.

The Good Morning Britain host took to social media to launch an attack on the model, tweeting her an article that appeared to show a link between cancer and obesity.

He wrote: “Obesity to overtake smoking as biggest preventable cause of female cancer. cc @Tess_Holliday.”

The tweet comes after Morgan penned an open letter to Holliday titled: “An open letter from Piers Morgan to Tess Holliday: Stop lying to yourself Tess - you’re morbidly obese and it’s going to kill you.”

Whilst Morgan told how he “respects” her, he also went on to explain that he was unable to believe that she could be happy at that 300lbs.

He wrote: “We can keep having a pop at each other on Twitter, and fuel the supposed ‘feud’ between us. But ultimately, I’m not criticising you for a bit of social media fun or to score a few cheap points at your expense.

“I’m doing it because I genuinely feel you are promoting a very dangerous message, and because I am genuinely concerned that your own life will be in danger if you continue down this path.”

He added: “If your own friends are telling you that you look ‘damn good’ in a photo that is so obviously deeply unflattering, then as I said, you need better friends. A real friend would be telling you what I am telling you.

“Tess, the most inspirational thing you could do right now is start to LOSE weight, not put even more on.”

Holliday previously hit out at Morgan’s remarks accusing him over being “obsessed”, which he also denied in the letter, highlighting that he is “worried” about her.

At the time, the 33-year old mocked: “The last 2 weeks you’ve been obsessed with me.

“Makes me feel like you’re almost into thicker girls & too afraid to admit it.”

The pair have been going back and forth since Morgan slammed the cover on Good Morning Britain.