Piers Morgan Uncensored: Donald Trump refuses to rule out running for president in 2024

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Donald Trump is the first guest on Piers Morgan’s new show
Donald Trump is the first guest on Piers Morgan’s new show

Donald Trump has refused to rule out running for president again in 2024.

The former US leader repeated his discredited claims that the last US election, won by Joe Biden in 2020, was “stolen” in the first part of his bombshell interview with Pier Morgan on TalkTV.

Trump said he cannot confirm whether he will run when the US next goes to the polls, but added: “I think a lot of people are going to be very happy.”

In the second part of the interview, due to be aired later this week, he will again take aim at Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex alleging she is leading Prince Harry “by the nose”.

In a teaser clip he called for the Queen to strip Meghan and Harry of their royal titlesd during the pre-recorded interview for Talk TV’s Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Key Points

  • Trump refuses to rule out standing for president in 2024

  • Putin is a ‘monster’, says Trump

Piers Morgan returns to UK TV

19:55 , Rachael Burford

Piers Morgan returns to UK TV tonight with his new show: Piers Morgan Uncensored.

The first episode is an interview with former US president Donald Trump.

It airing on News UK’s new TV channel, TalkTV from 8pm.

You can watch on Sky 526, Virgin Media 627, Freeview 237 or Freesat 217.

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“No snowflake zone"

20:08 , Rachael Burford

Morgan starts his show with a warning for “all the ultra sensitive, permanently offended snowflakes” that they are not going to have a good time.

“In fact, it’s going to really annoy you,” he says.

“It may even provoke trauma, because I’m going to be constantly celebrating the one thing you can’t stand: free speech.”

What’s coming up...

20:17 , Rachael Burford

Donald Trump will be discussing Vladimir Putin, the war in Ukraine, his handling of the Covid pandemic, how his successor President Joe Biden is doing and, of course, his thoughts on the “renegade royals” Harry and Meghan.

Trump Denies Ever Praising Putin

20:23 , Rachael Burford

Morgan asks Trump why he has been so "praiseworthy" of Putin in the past.

He had described Russia's leader as a "genius" and "a peacemaker".

Trump says that is "fake news".

“I threatened him like he’s never been threatened before,” he tells Morgan.

“We have a war that would have never happened if I was president."

Donald Trump (Piers Morgan Uncensored)
Donald Trump (Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Putin is ‘Monster'

20:29 , Rachael Burford

Trump agrees when asked if he believes Putin is a ‘genocidal monster’.

“Isn’t it a shame all those people dead because of a rigged election,” he adds, repeating his false claim that the US election was rigged and Putin only invaded because Biden is president.

Trump suggests Putin saw the “incompetent” withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and it prompted the invasion of Ukraine.

“I know my people and I know that he would have never done it,

“I think the Afghanistan withdrawal was so incompetent with the 85 billion and the dead soldiers.”

Trump refuses to rule out running in 2024

20:35 , Rachael Burford

Trump refuses to rule out running for president again in 2024.

He says “for reasons of campaign finance” he is “not allowed” to state definitively whether he will stand to lead the US.

He adds: “But let me just say this. I think a lot of people are going to be very happy.”

 (Marc Brenner)
(Marc Brenner)

Trump claims he warned Germany about Russia

20:43 , Rachael Burford

Trump claims he warned former German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Russia was going to be a “big problem”.

“I said you're going to be someday in a problem with Russia. And you are going to have no choice but to surrender,” he said.

Trump claims Boris Johnson stopped interview

20:53 , Rachael Burford

Trump confirms Boris Johnson asked him to pull out of a planned Good Morning Britain interview with Morgan days before the last general election.

"Well, that's true," Trump says. "I mean, we knew that I was over there as his guest."

"I like him," he adds. "I've always liked him."

Trump says that he thinks the Prime Minister has become "too liberal" and "green".

Trump fined $10,000 a day and held in contempt

21:25 , Rachael Burford

The interview with Piers Morgan aired just hours after a judge in New York held the former President in contempt of court for not producing documents for a probe into his business practices.

Donald Trump will be fined $10,000 per day until he complies with the subpoena in the state attorney general’s civil investigation.

Trump lost a bid to quash a subpoena from state Attorney General Letitia James, who is investigating whether the Trump Organisation misstated the values of its real estate properties to obtain favourable loans and tax deductions.

Trump failed to produce all the documents by a court-ordered March 3 deadline, which was later extended to March 31 at his lawyers' request.

Justice Arthur Engoron ruled that a contempt finding was appropriate because of what the judge called "repeated failures" to hand over the materials.

"Mr Trump … I know you take your business seriously, and I take mine seriously,” the judge said. “I hereby hold you in civil contempt.

Trump was not in the courtroom and his legal team vowed to appeal the decision.

Trump: ‘I threatened Putin'

21:59 , Rachael Burford

One of Trump’s most striking claims during the interview was that he had threatened Vladimir Putin “like he’s never been threatened before”.

As Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine continues, Mr Trump said the conflict would’ve been avoided if he was still in office in the US.

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