Pigeon Performs Mating Ritual Dance in Attempt to Woo Queensland Woman

A Queensland-based entomology enthusiast posted footage on June 16 of the hilarious moment a pigeon started performing a mating ritual in what looked like an attempt to woo her.

“I’m not sure what I did to deserve such attention,” Lisa Van Kula Donovan posted on Instagram, “but this crested pigeon sure did take a liking to me.”

Van Kula Donovan explained that she was at her friend’s house in Maryborough when she saw the bird staring at her through the back door.

She wrote: “When I went to the fence and called him, he ran right over and proceeded to lay the flirt down big time.”

In the priceless footage, the pigeon can be heard intensely cooing while shaking its feathers. When trying to mate, crested pigeons display an elaborate dance which consists of bobbing their bodies up and down, while opening and closing their wings like a fan.

The bird can be seen performing the dance three times, outwardly determined to attract Van Kula Donovan’s attention.

She told Storyful that the bird was “quite persistent”, and added that she went to look for him a few days later but could not find him. Credit: Lisa Van Kula Donovan via Storyful

Video transcript


- Hello. Hello, buddy. Hello. Hello.


Hi. Hi, buddy. Hello. Oh, my gosh, why are you so cute? Hi. Hello. Hello. Hi. Where are you going? Hello, little buddy. Hello, little buddy. Hi, beautiful. What are you doing?


Hello. Hi, gorgeous boy. There you go.


What are you doing? [CHUCKLES] What are we doing? Come on. [LAUGHS] Come on. What are you doing?


[LAUGHS] Come on, buddy. Come on. OK, there's one for you. There's an actual-- OK.