Pigeon waits patiently at zebra crossing so it can cross

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Watch this dash cam footage of a PIGEON waiting at a zebra crossing to cross the road!

The bird was caught on dash cam footage patiently waiting at the crossing for the cars to stop so he could make his way to the other side on November 14.

Barrie Threlfall, 33, from Liverpool, was leaving the Great Homer Street Shopping Centre that afternoon when he saw the little bird waiting at the crossing and stopped his car.

The pigeon then crossed over to reach the shops on the other side of the car park.

Barrie, who works for the emergency services, said: "I was just driving home from the shops and I thought it was so funny!

"I went home and checked the dash cam footage to see if I caught it so I could send the footage round the family!

"He didn't thank me for letting him cross though!"

Whilst we may never know why the chicken crossed the road, this pigeon could be giving us a pretty good clue!