Piggie the tiny boar whose life was saved by his love of tinned rice

Piggie eats another tub of rice (Caters)

A wild baby boar close to death has been nursed back to health with the help of rice pudding.

Piggie the boar was spotted shivering next to a road in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

It’s not known why the boar was left on its own.

Piggie was kept warm by his rescuers who then took him to a nearby wildlife hospital.

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Piggie with one of the helpers at the Vale Wildlife Hospital (Caters)

“He was found at the side of the road with his umbilical cord still attached and still soaking wet from birth so he can’t have been much more than a few hours old,’ said a spokesman for Vale Wildlife Hospital.

“We don’t know why he was picked up on his own.”

At the beginning it was unclear whether the boar would survive but things got a little more optimistic when Piggie was offered a small tub of Ambrosia rice pudding.


Staff at the hospital believe his fondness for rice has helped save his life.

Staff are now looking for a home for Piggie (Caters)

“He was first being fed milk on the bottle every two hours but we’re now topping up his bowl every two hours with rice pudding which he absolutely loves,” added the spokesman.

“When Piggie was brought in he weighed a tiny 1kg and in just one week he’s now about 1.8kg and it’s all down to his taste for milky rice.”

To top up his diet, Piggie also eats apples and mealworms.

The staff at Vale Wildlife are now trying to find a suitable home for Piggie – complete with rioce pudding – as he has become too tame to be released back into the wild.



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