Pigging Out: Rescued Wild Hog Sits for Peppermint Treat

A rescued wild hog was rewarded with a sweet treat for her good behavior in Lufkin, Texas, footage shared to TikTok shows.

In the video recorded by Christopher Scott Marlowe, he holds up a peppermint treat and waits for the nearly six-month-old pig to sit before giving her the striped candy.

Marlowe, who runs Old Granville Farm, said he rescued the hog back in February when she was just a baby. He named her Maggie and bottle-fed her until she could handle solid foods.

“She was house trained and started sleeping on a pillow. I would let her play with my dogs and now she sees herself as a dog. She still likes to cuddle and play, but is quick to learn tricks using mints and butterscotch,” Marlowe said.

He has previously shared videos of Maggie training to sit on his farm’s Facebook page, before sharing the video of he successful effort to TikTok on June 2. Credit: Christopher Scott Marlowe via Storyful

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