‘Like Pigs In A Blanket But So Much Better’: Americans Have JUST Discovered Sausage Rolls


The New York Times posted a sausage roll recipe with some useful information about the snack/Twitter

They are about as British as roast dinners, fry up breakfasts or pie and mash, but it seems our American friends have only just learned about the existence of sausage rolls.

Yes, on November 6, 2015, The New York Times tweeted a snapshot of a plate of the meaty treats wrapped in delicious flaky pastry alongside a simple explanation: “Like pigs in blankets only much better.”

Pigs in blankets are a rather less sophisticated American party food consisting of a small hot dog wrapped in a bread-like dough.


The American equivalent pigs in blankets/Stef Yau/Creative Commons

In the New York Times, David Tanis makes a valiant effort to explain the concept of the sausage roll, although misguidedly appears to think they are more of a Christmas treat.

Little does he know that chain bakery Greggs shifts around 2.5 million of these porky nuggets per week.

He writes: “Though the concept of sausage wrapped in pastry exists in every cuisine in one way or another, the British have claimed sausage rolls as their own.

“Boxing Day, a national holiday in Britain, celebrates the traditional post-Christmas servants’ day off, when upper-class families were forced to fend for themselves and subsist for a day on a lavish buffet of leftover feasts from the week. Sausage rolls are often part of the spread.”


One Reddit user asked North Americans users if they had ever eaten a sausage roll/Reddit

What follows is Tanis’s very fancy sausage roll recipe consisting of ground pork shoulder and a menagerie of fresh herbs and spices including ground coriander, nutmeg and mace.

Of course our North American cousins, more used to a snack diet of corn dogs (hot dogs encased in cornmeal batter) liquid cheese and Twinkies (small cakes) were a little bemused at news of a brand new snack phenomenon.


One Reddit user posted a snapshot of a sausage roll and asked if any North Americans had ever eaten one.

“Isn’t that just a pig in a blanket,” asked superx76, while Reddit’s Schemer 275 expressed his thanks for “bringing this amazing looking food to my attention.”

And user Snipedagain advised U.S. visitors to our shores to go to a “magical place by the name of Greggs” for the rolls.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the New York Times tweet was subject to a little teasing by British sausage roll affectionados. Tom Clarke tweeted: “Stop press! Sausage rolls exist!” while Joe in CBG mused: “Just wait until they hear about Scotch Eggs.”


Other social network users advised against solely tucking into sausage rolls at Christmas.

“You have been misinformed,” Chris Kendall tweeted the newspaper. “Sausage rolls are for damp summer picnics and kids’ parties. Boxing Day belongs to leftover turkey.”

But American Twitter users seemed open to trying the fattening snack. Rachel_Munich was already googling ‘sausage roll history’ to find out about more about the food and appeared enthusiastic. “Oh man, now I want pie,” she wrote.

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