Pigs on motorway bring traffic to a standstill

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The pigs were spotted on the M62 in Salford. (Highways England)
The pigs were spotted on the M62 in Salford. (Highways England)

A group of pigs brought traffic to a standstill on the M62 in Salford after escaping on to the road.

The animals were spotted between junction 12 (Eccles interchange) and junction 11 (Birchwood interchange).

Vehicles were temporarily stopped while the pigs were cleared from the road, with motorists being delayed for around 40 minutes.

CCTV images from the scene showed officials using brooms to shepherd the animals to safety.

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The pigs were eventually cleared just before 11.20am. (Highways England)
The pigs were eventually cleared just before 11.20am. (Highways England)

Highways England Northwest tweeted: “#M62 westbound #J12 (#EcclesInterchange #M60 #M602) to #J11 (#WarringtonEast #Birchwood #A574) traffic has been temporarily stopped due to a number of pigs which are being a bit of a swine and won't move.”

The pigs were eventually returned to their field just before 11.20am.

North West Motorway Police added: “You'll be happy to know that our Highways Traffic officers have done a sterling job and the "Pigs" are now back safely at the Farm.

“Just clearing the Road and taking the cones in & then they'll get your moving again. Thanks for your Patience & support”

A cow was spotted on the M25. (SWNS)
A cow was spotted on the M25. (SWNS)

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On Thursday, traffic was held up for around an hour-and-a-half after an escaped cow broke through a fence and wandered on to the M25.

The rogue animal stood in the middle of the anticlockwise carriageway leaving all traffic held up in both directions.

Highways England officers and the farmer tried to get the farm animal back into the field next to the motorway as vehicles backed up from near Junction 6 at Godstone, Surrey.

Motorway cameras showed all traffic was stationary just after 9am with the cow roaming across the road.

Surrey Police said the cow made a bid for freedom just after 8.30am, but officers did not attend the scene.

Highways England confirmed the runaway cow was ushered back into the safety of the field just after 9.20am.

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