Pilot's family member left cringing after 'unexpected announcement' from cockpit

An airline pilot embarrassed his onboard cousin with a special announcement during their flight
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A passenger was left stunned mid-flight when their pilot cousin made a surprising announcement over the plane's PA system.

The pilot embarrassed his family by announcing her seat number and jokingly introducing her as a "world class Olympic Polo player" who "carries her Olympic silver medal around everywhere" with her.

The 'Olympian' in question, Siobhan Leadbetter, is actually a Sky TV presenter and senior creative writer. She later shared a video of her unique shoutout on TikTok, which left her blushing.

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The pilot started his speech normally, stating: "We have about one hour left or so or 50 minutes until the end of our journey."

He then involved Siobhan in his prank, saying: "Otherwise, the next thing I've got is a special shoutout down in seat 8 is my cousin Siobhan first family member in five years of flying that has managed to fly with me," he continued.

"So thanks Siobhan for coming. Everyone else on board should know she's also a world class Olympic Polo player with a silver medal at the Olympics so can we all give her a giant round of applause, that would be much appreciated.", reports the Mirror.

As Siobhan laughed nervously, her cousin added: "Thanks, I'm sure she will love that. She always carries her medal around with her... so if you want to see it just ask! ".

Siobhan captioned the clip: "Was NOT expecting that announcement from the pilot. Realise he's about to royally wind me up."

Her followers were quick to find amusement in the situation, with one commenting: "Omg this is world class trolling. What a legend! " Another chimed in: "I mean your cousin winding you up from the cockpit... whose gonna top that? ! " Further comments included: "Oh man. That's amazing and lovely."

And another agreed: "Did you dirty!"

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