Pineapple Foils DIY Enthusiast's Power Drill Fruit-Peeling Hack

A TikTok user from New South Wales who devised a quickfire apple-peeling hack bit off a little more than he could chew when he accepted a challenge to try out his power drill-based method on a pineapple.

Footage posted by Matthew Peters, a DIY enthusiast from Bathurst whose TikTok channel has amassed over 270,000 followers, shows the pineapple withstanding the attempted fast-paced peel.

Following a method used to great success in a previous video featuring an apple, Peters once again inserted a power drill through one end of the fruit, and used his other hand to place a peeler against it as it spun around.

The video came as as a result of a query by one of Peters’ followers, however after a gallant attempt the inventive Aussie admitted defeat. Credit: Matthew Peters via Storyful

Video transcript


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