Pineapple left in art museum by prankster student is mistaken for art

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer

A pineapple deliberately left inside an art museum was mistaken for a piece of art by staff – and put on display.

Prankster Ruairi Gray, 22, bought the £1 tropical fruit and left it inside the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, as a “joke”.

However, he was stunned to discover that officials had placed the pineapple inside a glass case and put it on display, believing it to be one of the museum’s exhibits.

Hundreds of students and lecturers praised the pineapple piece and it was only discovered to be a prank after TWO DAYS of being on display.

Museum staff mistook the pineapple for a legitimate piece of art (Ruairi Gray/Twitter)
Museum staff mistook the pineapple for a legitimate piece of art (Ruairi Gray/Twitter)

The picture of the pineapple prank has now gone viral and notched up thousands of retweets and likes.

A stunned Ruairi, who is originally from Edinburgh, told MailOnline: “I saw an empty art display stand and decided to see how long it would stay there for or if people would believe it was art.

“I came in later and it had been put in a glass case – it’s the funniest thing that has happened all year.

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“My honours supervisor saw it and asked an art lecturer if it was real because he could not believe it.

“He apparently replied: ‘Of course it’s real, you can see what they were trying to do with the top of the pineapple and the glass.’”

Ruairi, who is in his final year studying business information technology, jokingly added of his fruity exhibit: “If anyone wants to buy the masterpiece I am now accepting offers.”

Top pic: Ruairi Gray/Twitter