Pink Floyd's Roger Waters performs at benefit for Julian Assange in London

Pink Floyd's legendary frontman Roger Waters performs "Wish You Were Here" at a Julian Assange rally in London on Monday evening (September 2). "Would you exchange a walk-on part in the wall for a lead role in a cage? No I would not. This is my walk on part, in this wall," Waters said. Taking a makeshift stage right outside the British interior ministry office, the rocker’s performance is intended as a message of solidarity with Assange, who was arrested in April and now faces extradition to the United States. A long-standing supporter of Assange and WikiLeaks, Waters said he was “ashamed to be an Englishman” following the transparency activist’s arrest. Assange was jailed for violating bail conditions in the UK after spending some seven years under asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. He is wanted in the US for his role in a series of leaks in 2010, in which whistleblower Chelsea Manning passed thousands of classified military documents and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.

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