Pull the other one! British drinkers think a pint shouldn't cost more than £3

David Harding
No more than £3 – Brits have spoken on the proper price of a pint (Rex)

People should not pay any more than £3 for a pint, the Great British public have said.

Any more than that and prices become unreasonable, according to a survey from YouGov, even though the average pint across the UK is £3.60.

The pollsters asked more than 40,000 Britons what they considered to be a ‘reasonable price’ for a pint at the pub.

The average across the country came out as £3.


The survey found big differences in pint prices around the country, with, not surprisingly London and the south east being the most expensive.

The most expensive place was the stockbroker belt of Surrey where the average price is £4.40, despite people in the county claiming that a reasonable price for a beer or a cider was £3.36.

‘Visitors to London can sometimes be surprised by the eyebrow-raising price of a pint in the capital’s pubs,’ said YouGov.

‘Londoners venturing outside the south east also often raise their eyebrows when getting a drink, albeit for different reasons, being delighted to receive significant change when buying a beer with a fiver.’


Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles drink at a Welsh pub in 2015 (Rex)

Outside the capital, the results were different.

Drinkers in Herefordshire will be most pleased by the results.

It had the lowest difference between the ‘reasonable’ £3 mark and the actual average cost of a pint in the county, £3.31. 

Northumbrians and Lancastrians may not be so happy though.

People from those counties had the ‘cheapest expectations’ when it came to buying a drink.

In both of these areas the average perceived ‘reasonable’ price for a pint is just £2.80, said YouGov.