Pinterest bans weight loss adverts to promote better body image among users

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Research by Pinterest found that almost half felt pressure to get
Research by Pinterest found that almost half felt pressure to get "summer body ready". (Getty Images)

It is a platform known for being inspiring – whether that's home decor, weddings or clothes.

But Pinterest has made a rather admirable move by announcing that it will be banning all adverts promoting weight loss from its site.

In an effort to boost body image among its users, the social media platform will prohibit all language and imagery surrounding the topic.

They were nudged towards the decision by their own research which found that 41% of Britons felt pressure to get "summer body ready".

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The site also discovered that there was more interest in "body neutrality", with searches for the term up by 500%.

Similarly, those after "body acceptance quotes" have multiplied seven-fold.

While they are curbing adverts pushing weight loss, they will still allow those promoting healthy lifestyles, as well as fitness products and services.

Their new policy has been developed along with the guidance of the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) in the United States.

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Pinterest have previously banned content promoting appetite suppressants, as well as before-and-after weight-loss imagery and unrealistic claims of cosmetic surgery.

Elizabeth Thompson, Interim CEO for the US National Eating Disorders Association, said: ”We are hopeful this global policy will encourage other organisations and companies to reflect on potentially harmful ad messages and to establish their own working policies that will create meaningful change."

Sarah Bromma, head of policy at Pinterest, added: "As Pinterest and our Pinner base continues to grow, we remain focused on maintaining a safe, positive, inspiring and relevant Pinner experience.

"People of all ages are facing challenges related to body image and mental health, particularly as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and kick-off the summer season.

"We believe updating our ad policy globally to prohibit all ads with weight loss language and imagery is an important step in prioritising the mental health and well-being of our Pinners and fostering a place on the internet where they can be themselves, embrace their bodies regardless of shape or size, and feel comfortable with who they are."

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