Piper's latest plan to help Tyler backfires

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

From Digital Spy

Determined to do everything she can to help Tyler, Piper decides to do a Pipe-Up episode featuring vox pops with her friends and family singing her boyfriend's praises. However, it's not long before the trolls get involved and someone uploads the old video of Piper getting stuck into Tyler about his attack on T-Bone… and her plan implodes.

A new article painting Tyler as a thug appears on the West Waratah Star website. Now this video is out there and Piper has accidentally labelled Tyler as a violent person for all the world to see – including potential jurors. Has Piper hurt Tyler's chances of being found innocent?

Meanwhile, the failed generator deal has caused a rift within the Sharma-Rebecchi house. Mishti is angry with Dipi for flying off the handle at Leo, but all the while, she harbours secret doubts about his intentions herself. An Australia Day BBQ turns spectacularly awkward and culminates in Leo and Dipi accidentally falling into the pool.

Elsewhere, Jack and Paige decide to have a christening ceremony for Gabe and each will pick a godparent. Jack wants at least one of them to be Catholic and Amy is thrilled to be asked to be godmother. Jack assumes Paige will want Mark to be godfather but is surprised when Paige tells him she has Terese in mind.

Photo credit: Channel 5

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