Piper faces a backlash over Ben

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

From Digital Spy

Ben confides in Xanthe about Piper's request that he should change his police statement about Tyler. Xanthe is outraged and confronts Piper about how selfish she's being by making such a request.

Piper rethinks her situation and realises Xanthe is right. She catches Ben just in time and apologises, but Ben remains torn about Tyler's predicament.

Meanwhile, Jimmy wants to help Kirsha and remembers a smart watch he saw, which will be much more convenient for voice-to-text than Kirsha's phone. Paul suggests that Jimmy should be entrepreneurial and raise the money to buy Kirsha the watch himself. Later, Jimmy gets up to no good when Tia suggests he should earn some money by swiping mini-bar bottles from Lassiters and selling them to her brother.

Elsewhere, Sheila tells Clive that she regrets what happened between them and would do anything to have another chance. To her delight, Clive agrees to think about it.

Photo credit: Channel 5

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