Pittsburgh Residents Put Up Christmas Lights in Stay-at-Home Solidarity

Residents of Pittsburgh set up Christmas lights on their houses on March 18 to spread cheer during the coronavirus pandemic.

A Facebook group called Christmas Lights in March! was started to coordinate the effort in order to bring some joy to the city while residents were encouraged to reduce social contact.

“All around town we’re starting to see Christmas lights going back up. It was amazing to see members of our community coming together to spread joy,” Bianca Labrador, who filmed this video, told Storyful.

Pennsylvania residents are being urged to practice social distancing to contain the coronavirus pandemic, including restricted all non-essential travel and not to visit nursing homes. Restaurants and bars in the state have been told to close their dining-in services.

The Centre for Disease Control reported there were a total of 7,038 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and 97 deaths on March 19. Credit: Bianca Labrador via Storyful