Pizza-patterned condoms are the form of contraception you’ve been waiting for

It’s an age-old question that many renowned philosophers (read: Joey Tribbiani) have grappled with – food or sex?

Worry no more for a Moscow-based designer named Marina Malygina has sought to marry the two by creating this pizza condom.

Because it’s 2015.


The pizza condom does not smell or taste like pizza, but it does come with that cute pizza wrapping. (Pizza-flavoured condoms have to be a thing of the future, though.)

And it doesn’t come in a regular box, no way.

Instead it comes in this baby pizza condom box.



What’s the rationale behind Malygina’s design?

Pizza and sex are the important parts of American culture and especially tv-shows and movies. That’s why this limited comdoms’ package will be interesting for most of young people not only F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans.

Well, she ain’t wrong.

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