New pizza restaurant with locations across East Midlands coming to Nottingham - just don't ask for this topping

The new pizzeria, with locations in Leicester and Loughborough is set to open in Nottingham in Low Pavement
-Credit: (Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

A new restaurant that says its mission is 'to cure the injured name of pizza' is coming to Nottingham. Peter Pizzeria, who has locations in Loughborough and Leicester, is known for its authentic and traditional Neapolitan pizzas but also its unique and unorthodox advertising.

The Leicester restaurant greets visitors with a bold sign proudly reading 'come and try the worst pizza one guy on tripadvisor ever had in his life.' Meanwhile, on social media, staff often make videos light-heartedly parodying current trends and poking fun at themselves.

The company's announcement of the new Nottingham store was no different. With a 29-second video posted to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, Peter Pizzeria sparked an old debate amongst food enthusiasts - pineapple on pizza.

The clip shows chef Crescenzo Cassese angrily shouting 'you not coming to Nottingham' and 'you don't belong on pizza' to a group of pineapples as shots of Old Market Square and Pepper Street are shown side-by-side with footage of pizzas being cooked. Low Pavement, where the pizzeria is set to open, also appears as the video then cuts to a card revealing August 2024 as the restaurant's launch date.

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At the pizzeria, bases are made from sourdough which has been fermented for 20 hours and then pizzas are cooked in the Italian wood oven for only 90 seconds making the 'perfect' Neapolitan pizza, according to the restaurant. Formerly known as Peter and That's Enough, the Loughborough and Leicester locations have proven to be popular with locals over the years, however, the company's new ad for the upcoming Nottingham store has been met with mixed reactions.

One commenter on Facebook said: "I won't be visiting there if pineapple isn't allowed!" Another on Instagram said: "The pineapple discrimination needs to be put to an end."

The reception to the video was overwhelmingly positive, however, with one commenter on Instagram saying: "Yes! I won't have to travel to Leicestershire now" with another adding: "Nottingham just got a whole lot tastier." While future customers may not be able to order pineapple on their pizza, there is no shortage of authentic and distinctive Italian toppings that make up Peter Pizzeria's menu.

Meat eaters can indulge in a range of pizzas including the popular 'Say Hello to Anthony's Little Friend,' topped with Strianese tomatoes, fior de latte, guanciale, nduja, bella lodi and basil. For those who don't eat meat, there are plenty of options including the Parmigiana, topped with Strianese tomatoes, fior di latte, roasted aubergine, basil and bella lodi.

There are also vegan options and of course, the classic Queen Margherita. Peter Pizzeria is set to open in Nottingham on Low Pavement in August this year.