A Place in the Sun couple in tears and forced to apologise after property search

A Place in the Sun couple apologises after property search ends in tears
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Ben Hillman, the presenter of A Place in the Sun, found himself on an emotional journey as he tried to find the perfect Spanish retreat for house hunters Mark and Candy.

The couple had a budget of £77,000 and were searching for a three-bedroom property with traditional character. Given Mark's construction skills, they were open to a bit of DIY, something they communicated to the Channel 4 star.

However, it seemed that Ben may have overestimated how much renovation work the pair were willing to undertake. The disappointment was evident on Candy's face during the second viewing, leading her to admit: "I'm just not feeling this at all."

Taken aback, Ben asked: "I understood you incorrectly. I know you said a project is fine and the fact you are a builder as well. Have I run away with that? " Candy conceded that they might not have clearly expressed their limits, expressing her discomfort: "I'm finding that a little bit more daunting, the level of renovations so maybe we've not made it entirely clear? ", according to the Daily Star.

She clarified to Ben that while they were prepared to refurbish a room or two, the extent of the renovations required for the property was simply too much. As emotions escalated and Candy struggled to contain her tears, Ben probed further, asking" "It's not what you're imagining, not what you're hoping for. This is a project too far, is it?" She responded: "It is, I'm sorry."

Ben comforted Candy, assuring her that there was no need for apologies and emphasising that their main aim was to secure the house they had set their hearts on, reports the Mirror..

The emotional high point came during their third property viewing when Mark, clearly moved, and an utterly enchanted Candy toured the house. Mark couldn't contain his emotions, admitting: "I'm getting emotional now! It's lovely."

By the programme's conclusion, the audience witnessed Mark and Candy decide to make an offer of £76,250 for the house they had fallen in love with.

While Ben was on the phone enquiring whether the deal included furniture, Mark's anxiety was palpable as they awaited the response. Following a suspenseful wait, Ben revealed that the furniture would be part of the purchase at the proposed price, which led the couple to break down in tears of happiness.