A Place in the Sun fans baffled by buyer's 'difficult' property choice

A Place in the Sun viewers spot issue after 'difficult' property search
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A Place in the Sun fans were quick to notice a problem following a "difficult" property hunt on Tuesday's episode, which featured Jean Johansson aiding Ryan and Steve in their quest for the perfect home in Maspalomas.

The London-based duo were on the lookout for an idyllic holiday abode in Gran Canaria, armed with a budget of up to £180,000. They desired a roomy flat close to the beach, shops, and vibrant nightlife.

While Ryan was new to the area, Steve had already taken a shine to it. The challenge was on for Jean, who soon realised she had her work cut out as Steve declared his intention to replace the furniture in any potential home.

Jean, sensing the difficulty ahead, questioned Ryan: "Is this going to be a difficult search? " To which Ryan candidly confirmed it would be.

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Jean Johansson
Jean Johansson helped Ryan and Steve find their dream holiday home -Credit:Channel 4

With a sense of foreboding, Jean facepalmed and remarked: "This is going to be a fun search, I can tell." Initially, things looked promising as the pair took a liking to most of the properties they saw, but it was the last house that truly captured their hearts.

Listed just shy of £176,000, the couple were ecstatic to snap up the Playa del Ingles apartment for a cool £162,000.

Viewers at home didn't hesitate to voice their opinions, with some pointing out a snag with the property.

@StephMarbella took to Twitter to say: "Adorable!!?? Really!!! I honestly need my eyes testing.... I thought it was a prison ... #aplaceinthesun." (sic)

@steve_evo had his thoughts, posting: "Adorable? Not what I'd call it #aplaceinthesun." @rileymscott added: "Low budget for the property and now replacing all the furniture. Good luck. #aplaceinthesun"

@Borisnose2 shared his disbelief, stating: "£150k in Gran Canaria? Good luck with that." @carolinefoulis then wrote: "Always wanted furniture I can throw in the pool #aplaceinthesun."

In a further comment, @StephMarbella added: "Yes, yes ... cos we all want to throw furniture into a pool ... for goodness sake! I don't believe it .... I'm turning very Meldrew now .... #aplaceinthesun." (sic)

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