A Place In The Sun's Jasmine Harman announces huge career move

A mid shot of Jasmine Harman standing on a beach smiling with one hand on her hip
Jasmine Harman -Credit:FreeForm productions

Jasmine Harman, the familiar face from Channel 4's A Place In The Sun, has opened up about her exciting new career direction beyond the much-loved property show.

Already a savvy businesswoman with her own fashion line in partnership with Cotton Traders, the mum-of-two is looking to broaden her entrepreneurial horizons. In an interview with the Express, Jasmine expressed her desire to venture into beauty products.

She said: "I would like to do like I would like to do a cosmetics range, a vegan cosmetics range. I would love to do a homewares range."

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She discussed the challenges she faced while refurbishing her home, striving to use only vegan, sustainable, and ethical products. She said: "When I renovated my house I used all vegan sustainable ethical homewares and it was quite a lot of shopping around and trying to find products that fitted my ideals. So it would just be nice to have all of that in kind of one place."

Despite a packed schedule, Jasmine is buzzing with ideas for future endeavours, reports the Mirror. She said: "So there's lots of things I'd love to do but whether or not I ever get the time. I thought I was coming to Spain to have that really relaxing life and it's just as busy. I'm just busy here as I always have been but it's just it's nice."

Jasmine and her family have made the move to Spain, a decision she feels has improved her work-life balance while filming A Place In The Sun. She said: "Now, of course, we've moved to Spain and the episodes I've filmed since we moved here have been not too far away.

"I've been able to go to work and then come home at the end of the day which is unusual for me but I know it's just like the norm for most people. But that's been funny.

"In fact, one day I was ranting about, 'I've been at work all day and now I've got to come home and cook dinner,' and the kids are in school and it's almost like, 'you do realise that's what most people do all the time.

"Normally when I'm working on the show I'm in a hotel so I've only got myself to look after. But it's nice having to do all the kid related stuff.

"It's so lovely to be able to see them in the mornings, go to work. work all day, come home in the evening and see them. It's really lovely and that has made the move to Spain - I mean it's lovely anyway, but that has just made it extra worth it."

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