A Place In The Sun's Laura Hamilton shares blunder that halted filming on show

A Place In The Sun star Laura Hamilton reveals huge show blunder that halted filming
-Credit: (Image: Channel 4)

A Place In The Sun host Laura Hamilton has revealed a significant mishap during filming of the property programme. It caused quite the predicament for the Channel 4 show's crew.

Laura is one of the beloved show's most familiar faces, having been one of its presenters since 2012. It was in Florida when filming had to stop though after a major blunder occurred, reports the Mirror.

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Speaking to The Sun, Laura said: "There was once an episode that I did where, unfortunately, the keys for the property got locked inside the property, and we couldn't film it. That was a bit of a disaster."

Laura continued: "It was in Florida, but that was so many years ago. So we had to call a wrap on that and then show them the property the next day, which wasn't obviously ideal. But it was just one of those things."

"It was kind of like, who's got the keys? Oh, God, you know, imagine that thing that kind of happens at home. Who's got the keys? Who's got the keys? And it was like, oh my God, the keys are inside."

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